We are working on the following projects:

100 Smiles Campaign (2014 – completed)

One-Hundred-Smiles-Campaign-email-bannerIN 2014, we raised $4710.  For just $15 per child, your support allowed us to equip 100 more kids with fundamental computer skills.. Click here to find out more.

Computer Skills Classes (2013 – completed)

307072_612645232087533_511431427_nIn January 2013, we raised $1000 to hire professional trainers to teach 39 kids computer skills through the International Computer Driving Licence (ICDL) program. Click here to find out more.

Computer Room Campaign (2013 – completed)

ThankYouWe have raised $2500 to purchase 5 computers. We believe that computer skills are necessary for the future. Alongside the computers themselves, a group of volunteers teach four classes per week. Click here to find out more.

School Renovation

School RenovationThis is our most pressing project as most of the classrooms are over capacity and not in a state suitable for Children to learn in. Some of the classrooms have corrugated iron roofs and the Children get extremely hot in the long summer months.

School Furnishing

School FurnishingsWe are in constant need of furnishings. School books, text books, pens, pencils etc.




Hiring Teachers

Attendees BoardWe need to employ more teachers. Our classrooms are over crowded and the teachers have to combine up to 3 grades per classroom, making the quality of the teaching poorer.


General School Funding

School LifeWe also have a constant need of funds to continue runing the day-to-day costs of the School. Theses costs are rent, water, electricity, food etc.